Products & Services

Spare parts for the automotive industry

We offer a wide range of spare parts for the automotive industry from traditional Czech manufacturers. Our main focus are the components of diesel engines for agricultural, construction and road machinery.

We work with a number of proven Czech manufacturers who are world renowned for their excellent quality for a reasonable price.



“Green” Energy

In the development of renewable resources and social need to reduce the environmental burden we provide environmental engineering associated with the construction of ecological energy sources or components for construction.

We provide:

  • assessment of your plan, including economic analysis;
  • selection and proposal of the most appropriate technology;
  • project documentation plant;
  • complete supply and installation of technology equipment (PV modules, inverters, carrying construction, protection against overvoltage, cabling, etc.);
  • the final inspection and preparation the system to use.


Engineering Technology

Spektakular ensures the delivery of engineering technologies, such as machine tools or technological dividing (cutting, water jet cutting, laser cutting).


Industrial automation and robotics

Spektakular offers either partial or complete delivery of equipment to automated operations without which today's modern manufacturing techniques bypass just barely.  

We offer design, production, recovery, initiation and service delivery: 

  • Control systems;
  • Robotics,
  • Single-purpose machines,
  • Vision systems.

We specialize in optical measurement methods and image processing of digital cameras - the so-called computer vision. These systems can be used in almost every industry, whether as a control device in the production line or as a stand-alone test device in the laboratory.

We offer automated work-places focused on quality control using advanced optical techniques called machine vision equipment, which allows automated control of a large number of products in a short time.

We are partner of EOLA s.r.o. for the countries of the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.


Agri-food technology

 We offer agri-food equipment, mainly devices for farming poultry. In our wide portfolio of services we provide customized solutions made to fit all customers’ needs (turn-key solution). We can offer various technologies for farming method, especially aviary systems, battery cage or laying cages. Supplying of all components, necessary for the complete operation and transport, is a matter-of-course (e.g. conveyors, ventilation systems, water tanks or feed).

Marketing activities

For those interested in cooperation in the Russian-speaking countries we can offer partial marketing services:

  • Analysis of the market (customers, suppliers, competitors),
  • Electronic marketing (website creation, website optimization for target markets, Internet campaigns, link building, PPC advertising).